Tips For Choosing The Right Water Submeter

As a property owner or a manager, finding the right equipment for submetering on each unit will be an important choice. There are several decisions to be made about the cost, the quality and the features you need for any water submeter system under consideration.

While individual water submeter systems were less common a decade ago, the push for more energy efficiency, green buildings and fair billing for utilities has driven the demand from the tenants. Additionally, with the submeters in place, the landlord or property owner can monitor units and watch for abnormal water usage, finding leaks, saving money and also limiting property damage.

Choosing the correct submeter will provide current and updated information on water usage across a facility, campus or building as well as by individual units. Of course, there are different configurations possible in positioning submeters but most will be deployed to provide separate readings and to bill for each unit.

Ease of Installation

There are different types of water meters, and each will require professional installation. Choosing a water meter as well as an installation company should be done based on the specifics of your building and the capacity of the vendor to provide both crews and meters to meet your needs.

Look for an experienced water management company for water submeter installations. These companies will work with the type and brand of meter you select. They are also a good source to consult with when choosing meters and planning the installations.

Water Meter Data

There are water management companies that offer a full range of services from installation to billing and customer payment processing. These services will also have the software installed to allow you to access data and view water usage across properties with ease.

It is worth the time to compare different companies and services. An established, experienced company is always going to be the best choice, providing you with support, installation, and assistance in billing and payment processing, freeing your time to focus on the things you need to do.


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