How To Buy Medical Equipment And Get A Great Deal

Today, more than in the past, medical labs, testing facilities, research centers and even hospitals are struggling to keep the cost of operations down. At the same time, the demand for more precise, advanced and rapid testing continues to grow, creating a very real dilemma for these facilities.

Buying new equipment to continually upgrade to the latest technology and testing options is a costly endeavor. On the other hand, not having the equipment needed will also result in problems, inefficiencies and the inability to complete the tests required.

An Alternative to New

One of the choices that some of the largest medical testing facilities have moved to is to buy used. When they buy medical equipment that is refurbished to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications, it is as if they are buying new, just with a price that can be up to 70% of the original equipment price.

Of course, prices will vary when you buy medical equipment in the used or refurbished condition. However, it is surprising to see that new models with full upgrades in software and technology are available through the best used medical equipment suppliers.

Shop Online

Many testing labs and facilities tend to use a supplier when they buy medical equipment. This may not be providing the lab with the best possible prices or selection. It is also less common to find a medical supply company that offers fully refurbished equipment that is done in-house for quality control.

By shopping online and comparing different used medical equipment companies, it will become evident which companies offer the best selection, pricing and also the most current models. Some of the established medical refurbishers also offer the option to search specifically for used equipment that meets your needs for models, manufacturers or features.


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