Questions And Answers About The Need For A Chimney Crown Replacement Contractor In Baltimore MD

A chimney crown is a vital part of a functioning chimney and its main purpose is to keep water from entering the chimney. Crowns also keep the rain from saturating and running down the brick and mortar structure. When a chimney crown isn’t functioning properly, it’s time to contact a chimney crown replacement contractor in Baltimore MD to make the needed repairs. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn additional information about chimney crowns and the importance of replacement when necessary.

What causes a chimney crown to malfunction?

Many chimney crowns are constructed from poured concrete and after many years they can crack and begin to deteriorate. In other cases, chimney crowns can be installed improperly and this can also cause them to malfunction. It’s important to have a chimney crown that fits properly on the top of the chimney because a crown that’s doesn’t fit right will also cause problems.

How can homeowners tell when their chimney crown needs to be replaced?

Homeowners won’t need to climb on their roof to find out if their crown needs replacing as there are plenty of clues that will alert them to a chimney crown problem. Signs of a deteriorating chimney crown include water drops inside the fireplace, broken or damaged bricks in the chimney and an odor inside the fireplace. When starting a fire in the fireplace, if the smoke flows out of the fireplace into the house instead of going up the chimney, this is another sign of a faulty chimney crown.

How can new homeowners be sure that their chimney crown fits properly and is installed correctly?

Before using the fireplace in a new house, homeowners should contact a qualified company and request a chimney inspection. During the inspection, the entire chimney is examined to make sure that it’s working properly and there are no hazards. If the chimney cap is in disrepair or if it’s not working properly, homeowners should contact a Chimney Crown Replacement Contractor in Baltimore MD as quickly as possible.

Contact Complete Chimneys LLC for professional replacement of a chimney crown. This experienced company also provides additional chimney care and maintenance services, such as chimney sweeping, cleaning, repair and inspections.


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