Do You Need Chimney Repair in Severna Park, MD?

Probably the best time to take advantage of a chimney inspection and maintenance is during the sweltering days of summer. While it may be hard to envision the icy chill of winter in the warmer months, it still pays dividends to have your chimney repaired in the late spring or summer.

In fact, summer is one of the most opportune times to take advantage of an inspection or a chimney repair in Severna Park, MD. For example, you can use the summer to prevent freeze and thaw damage – a problem that often is featured in the area of the crown.

It Is Important to Fix Cracks around the Crown

Because winters in Maryland are often long and glacial, chimney crowns receive a lot of environmental abuse. The crowns on a chimney direct sleet, rain, or hail away from a chimney’s masonry. Therefore, crowns are both aesthetic and functional, if they are well-designed. However, a chimney repair is in order if the technician notices any cracks. It is essential that you fix any cracks, because they forewarn the development of leaks.

Sealing the Chimney Crown

A chimney repair technician prefers to work in warmer weather to make a crown repair, as the climate is more hospitable. Plus, the warmer climate makes it much easier to perform such activities as sealing and setting. If you need to repair or rebuild the crown of your chimney, this is the time to do it.

Preventing an Even Larger Problem

If crown damage is caught before it becomes pronounced, you can save a great deal of money. For instance, small cracks in a crown’s face can be stopped using a sealant application that is waterproof. If the crown is crumbly or features major cracks, you may need to have a new crown installed.

Where to Go to Obtain Further Repair Details

Visit Priddy Clean Chimney Sweeps Inc. online to find out more about having your chimney crown inspected and repaired. Even if you do not have the upgrade made during the summer, you will benefit from making this type of exterior improvement.


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