Brick Fireplace Repair Contractors in Annapolis, MD Handle Cracks and Water Intrusions

A brick fireplace adds an element of comfort and peacefulness to a home’s family room, den, or study. Keeping brick fireplaces in good working order is important, but it’s a job that many people ignore until serious problems come up. An experienced repair company can assess the source of and solutions to the problems. Working with Brick Fireplace Repair Contractors in Annapolis MD, homeowners can ensure their fireplaces and chimneys are ready for use when the first cool evenings of the season arrive.

Cracked or degraded brick is typically the most common issue fireplace repair companies see. The damaged brick may be in the firebox, where the wood and flames are concentrated, or in the chimney lining. Both of these problems are considered by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to be serious fire hazards for homes. Creosote, the oily remnants of waste generated by a fire, collects in cracks and can easily ignite when subsequent fires are lit, leading to out-of-control burns. Carefully chiseling out the damaged areas and replacing them with special cement or clay that stands up well to fire and high temperatures is the recommended repair method.

Water can get into fireplaces through chimneys. It might not seem that water would be harmful to a fireplace, but that isn’t the case. When water and creosote combine, an acidic substance results that can cause the chimney damper to rust, preventing it from closing properly. Moisture also plays a role in forming cracks in the brick and otherwise degrading it. A properly designed chimney crown, also known as a chimney slope, will help prevent water from entering the fireplace. An installed chimney cap can also prevent moisture from getting into the chimney.

Assessing, cleaning, and repairing cracks and eliminating water intrusions is a job most homeowners aren’t able to handle themselves. When problems arise, a qualified chimney repair contractor knows what to look for in fireplaces as well as interior and exterior chimney components. Complete Chimneys LLC has provided cleaning, sweeping, and repair services to the Annapolis and Baltimore areas of Maryland for over 30 years. Homeowners looking for brick fireplace repair contractors in Annapolis MD should check out website.


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