The past decades have witnessed an increase in consumer demand for environmentally friendly products and production methods. The impact of such concerns is reflected all across the spectrum of original manufacturers and the various industries that cater to their requirements. The preference for eco-friendly products even influences the finishing industries. They are looking at better ways of providing the qualities their customers demand. One means of adhering to the wishes of customers and consumers in Grand Rapids MI is to utilize powder coating technology over other methods.

Why Choose Powder Coatings?

Finishers and industries often compare powder coatings to their counterpart – liquid coatings. Powder coatings are emerging as the more environmentally responsible method. The reasons for such a choice include:

  • The lack of a carrier reduces the amount of material required to produce a powder coating
  • Powder emits zero solvents reducing the chance of air pollution
  • Without solvents, the material has no flammability concerns
  • The equipment is, on average, more energy efficient
  • The process requires less air usage and does not require filtering out of VOCs
  • By purchasing the proper reclamation equipment, companies can recycle the powder coatings

In addition, when finishers in cities such as Grand Rapids MI apply a powder coating, they simplify the entire permit process while reducing the risk of higher insurance rates. This saves both the customer and the finishing company money. It is also more economic to set up as the size of the booth is smaller, and the amount of materials required to produce quality powered coatings is less than that for liquid coatings.

Powder Coating

Creating today’s coatings is easier than ever before. The quality of the finish of powder coatings from a shop in Grand Rapids MI has never been better. At the same time, technology is also addressing the need to address environmental issues, making a powder coating the natural choice.

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