Powder Coating Services: A Better Choice Than Paint

Many companies believe it is important to ensure the components of any product, as well as the product itself, last as long as possible. When the parts are for pipelines or other external projects, it is imperative to protect them against any outdoor hazards. While various products and processes provide effective measures, including paint, powder coating services offer several advantages, making them the better choice for all your projects in Grand Rapids.

Why You Should Use Powder Coating

If you are wondering why powder coating is a better choice than painting, consider the following as supporting such services.

* Protection: Powder coating is capable of providing several types of protection for diverse substrate metals. Anti-corrosion properties are the most common reason for requesting powder coating services.

* Adaptability/Versatility: Powder coatings tend to be more flexible than paint. They can cover the substrates of a variety of metal, are easily applicable at different thickness and come in a wide array of colors.

Similarly, unlike paint, powder coatings adapt with ease to the substrate surface they overlay. Furthermore, unlike many paints, the applied coating does not crack in the bending or other movement of the component or product.

* Economic Advantages: Companies and finishing companies both benefit economically from using powder coatings. In Grand Rapids, finishers not how powder coatings reduce material costs through efficiencies and minimal overspray. Efficiency rate for paint is only as high as 50% compared to powder coating’s 70%.

With improved spraying technology and increasingly environmentally friendly qualities, powder coatings are increasingly becoming a favorite for finishing companies.

Powder Coating Services Over Painting

On the surface, painting may seem a logical choice for finishing an item. However, on closer examination, powder coating services provide a better alternative. Finishing companies and manufacturers in Grand Rapids have discovered the many benefits derived from preferring powder coating. These include providing a protective coating suitable for improving the longevity of a product while effectively reducing overall production costs.


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