Mistakes To Avoid When You Need A Truck Accident Attorney

There is a risk of injury in any type of vehicle accident, even with what appears to be a minor fender bender as you are parked at a stop sign. However, when a big rig is involved in the accident, the chances of serious or even fatal injuries are much higher.

For drivers and passengers in and around Tampa involved in an accident with a semi, getting a truck accident attorney involved will be essential. It is important to not rush through the selection process and to be careful to avoid these three common mistakes people make during this time.

Not Choosing A Specialist

Truck accidents are very different that passenger vehicle accidents. A specialized truck accident attorney understands the specific regulations within the industry as to hours a driver can be on the road, the licensing requirements for CDLs and a range of other specialized factors.

By choosing an attorney who is a general personal injury attorney without experience and expertise in trucking accidents, it may be much harder to prove your case.

Waiting Too Long

The longer you wait after a serious accident to retain a truck accident attorney the harder it can be to get the information needed for your case. Most attorneys are willing to meet with family members or with injured parties at their convenience, so don’t avoid calling until you are feeling up to a trip to the law firm.

Wrong Attorney Match

Your attorney is critical to winning your case. Everyone should feel comfortable in sharing information with the attorney and in understanding what the attorney is doing for your case.

In Tampa, take the time to meet with any attorney under consideration. This can give you valuable insight into how you will be able to work with the professional going forward.


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