Joining a Trade Show? 6 Tips for First-Timers

Joining trade shows in NYC is an excellent way to establish and build your brand and business. First time to join one? Here are a few helpful ideas to follow:

Sign up early

Doing so can net you the best spots in the event. A good spot, one near the entrance or at the center, can help direct a steady stream of customers to your booth.

Pick a good spot

The best spots often cost a lot as well. If those are out of your current budget, the next best thing to do is scour around for a good spot. Have no idea? Do your research. Find out which spots enjoyed plenty of traffic in the last few years and use that as a guide.

Check out the space

Find out how much space you have. That’s going to help you decide which exhibits—what size and how many—will fit right into your booth.

Get help

Look to professional providers of displays. From modular displays to custom made options, you’ll have much better results when you hire pros to provide temporary or permanent solutions that you can use for your trade shows in NYC.

Scout for quotes

Compare quotes, says Business Know-How, but don’t hinge your purchase decisions on cost alone. You’ll want to consider quality and service before you choose a company. Don’t forget to look for discount offers if they have any.

Be interactive

The best booths compel customers to stay longer. If you simply put a ton of brochures and materials, people are just going to come in, pick those up and go. By putting interactive tools and materials—for instance, a program they can use to check out the services/products your company offers—you get to make your guests stay longer in your booth, which improves the chances of you getting solid leads or sales.


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