Creative Ways to Bring Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

Just being at a trade show isn’t enough– there’s no use in having a booth if nobody visits it. But what can you do to draw the most traffic? Here are a few ideas you can build upon, and use your creativity to bring in visitors.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and can be used to win attention for your brand before the event and set up anticipation for your presence. Attendees at trade shows love to use social media to document their visits to tradeshow exhibits and offer their comments on exhibitors. Get your company’s hashtag out there within the trending tags for the trade show, and make sure that the information you’re posting has value. Try to keep your communications interactive by liking and sharing your followers’ posts, or asking them questions, suggests Entrepreneur. Use social media to advertise giveaways at your booth, or post interesting tweets that will pique your viewers’ interest.

Roaming Staff

Have some staff or brand ambassadors “roaming” around the trade show and interacting with attendees. Make sure that they’re wearing something with your logo that identifies your brand. Don’t have staff be overly pushy, but try to initiate conversations with trade show visitors. It helps to incorporate the above-mentioned social media elements to draw interest and might even cause people to approach your staff themselves when they see posts about information and giveaways.

Visual Appeal

Having a trade show booth designed and installed by professionals is one of the most important factors. Companies like Nimlok New York City offer custom design, lighting, and flooring for tradeshow exhibits. Your booth will stand out from the rest when you incorporate creative graphics and signage, custom lighting, and even custom flooring into your presentation. Eye-popping aesthetics will draw traffic into your booth. Imagine how unique your brand will appear with custom touches like LED lights or specially-built installations or touch-screens.

It’s up to you to create the most engaging experience for your visitors. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to boost your booth’s draw.


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