3 Signs That It’s Time To Purchase A New York Trade Show Display

Many company owners find that renting trade show displays works well. At some point, it pays to determine if purchasing a display would be a better option. If any of the following three signs apply, now is the time to talk with a professional about purchasing a customized display that you can keep use any time that you like.

Your Company Is Exhibiting At More Events Each Year

There was a time when you were only participating in a couple of events each year. These days, the number is more like five or six. With that many events on the calendar, the cost of purchase can begin to look more attractive than renting each time. Since you are planning to exhibit at even more shows next year, now is the time to consider purchasing one and maybe two trade show displays New York.

You’re Looking To Establish A Specific Presence At Those Shows

Consistency is a great way to build a certain look. The goal you have in mind is for anyone attending those events to immediately recognize your exhibit before they notice the graphics. That can be done with trade show displays New York that include certain colors and are configured in the same pattern from one show to the next. In a sense, you want people to associate the exhibit design with your brand and only your brand.

You Could Use The Exhibit For Local Events If You Had One On Hand

Many of the events you currently attend are out of state or at least a few hours away. Have you given any thought to participating in local job fairs or chamber of commerce events? Depending on the type of goods or services your company offers, exhibiting locally could be a good idea. If you have one or two trade show displays New York that you can store at your place of business, participating in those local events will be all the easier.

Take a look at what you spend on rentals now and how you would like to exhibit at more events in the future. Choosing to buy your own custom exhibit could save a lot of money in the long run.

Call Nimlok NYC today or visit us at http://www.nimloknyc.com/ to learn more about the trade show displays that we have available for purchase or rent.


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