Stubborn Clogs of Hair, Grease, and Sand Require a Plumbing Service in Ferndale, WA

People feel aggravated when the shower drain becomes sluggish or totally clogged, especially if they assume they are already doing everything right in regard to the home’s plumbing. They know they shouldn’t flush feminine hygiene products or sanitary wipes down the toilet, for example. Why would a shower drain require Plumbing Service in Ferndale WA? Often, a home’s residents and their guests never think twice about what might be going down that particular wastewater exit point.


A simple, cheap strainer stops hair from being sent into the drainpipe beneath the shower and further into the sewer pipe. Yet many people never give any thought to the amount of hair shed during shampooing and rinsing, particularly when someone combs their hair in the shower. When numerous people wash their hair daily, and the hair isn’t blocked from the drain, professional Plumbing Service in Ferndale WA may become necessary.


Everyone expects to be able to wash dirt from themselves under the stream of water but, in certain cases, this can be a problem. A beach house where many people frequently rinse beach sand from their feet and legs in the shower, for instance, can wind up with sediment accumulation in the drainpipe and sewer. The best solution is to use a garden hose next to the house to rinse sand off before showering.


This problem is even more likely if anyone rinses greasy pans in the kitchen sink instead of wiping the oily substance with a paper towel or, much worse, actually dumping used cooking oil down that drain. The buildup of grease along the sides of the sewer pipe is sticky and can catch other materials.


Eliminating clogs of hair, grease, and sand can be a big job. Depending on where the clog is located, a plumber from a company such as LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating may be able to break it up with a snake or remove it by dismantling the drainpipe from the basement or crawlspace. In other cases, however, the plumber may need to go behind a wall or under a floor if the pipes are enclosed there. Visit for advice or to schedule an appointment today.


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