What To Consider When Choosing Vibration Isolation Products

For any type of application in industry, vehicles, HVAC systems or even in machinery and equipment, limiting the damage caused by vibration is an important part of producing a product with a long-life cycle.

There are various options in vibration isolation products that can be used based on the specific vibration levels, the load, and the compression issues that have to be considered. The material that the vibration damping system uses, which is most often rubber or neoprene, as well as the shape and size of the products also have to be taken into consideration.

For all types of vibration isolation products, there are other options to consider as well. Taking the time to find the right manufacturer will be critical for both large and small volume orders as well as for customized production needs.

Reputation of the Manufacturer

There are a lot of vibration isolation products on the market sold through a variety of third-party websites and companies. These products are often low-cost, but they are also typically lower in quality. Considering the important role that vibration dampening products play, choosing a known, quality manufacturer should be an important step. Manufacturers with the ISO 9001 certification are the gold standard for any industry.

Also, consider manufacturers that use raw materials that are produced in the USA. Not only does this help American companies but it also ensures quality and long life for the product.

Options in Standard Sizing

The top manufacturers will have the best selection of standard sizing of all of their products. By working with a standard product that is in stock, the lead time for orders can be virtually eliminated. Without the need for custom engineering and design in vibration damping products, there is also a lower cost per unit, which is another benefit to consider.


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