Incorporating EMR Software into Behavioral Health

EMR software, or electronic medical record software, allows for doctors, nurses, and everyone else involved in a patient’s treatment to share data. In health, but especially in behavioral health, it is vital to the patient’s recovery that everyone is on the same page. Choosing and installing the right behavioral health EMR software will boost your practice’s efficiency and overall increase the quality of your patient’s treatment.

Here are a few benefits of using EMR software, particularly against the backdrop a behavioral health practice.

Staff Coordination

At a behavioral health treatment institute, different staff such as mental health technicians, nurses, and social workers must all work together. Say a patient’s blood pressure increases significantly. If recorded into an EMR, everyone with access to the records will know. In regards to behavioral health, if a patient expresses a new urge to self-harm, an EMR will help alert all of the staff of this new behavioral symptom without asking the patient to re-iterate the urge.

Financial Efficiency

According to an article USF Health published on the benefits of EMR, using an EMR decreases errors in billing, helps providers save on drug expenditure and improved time efficiency. Though purchasing and installing behavioral health EMR software may be a big financial investment, the payoffs often outweigh the risks.

Keep Your Patient in the Loop

Because nearly everyone has access to the internet, patients can have access to certain electronic records so they can stay informed on their own path to recovery. They can see their upcoming and past appointments, current medications, better understand their current health situation, and ultimately make more informed decisions.

Sold? The next step is to choose certified software. Health blog Capterra says that a good certified program should allow for the data to be portable, improve outcomes and reduce disparities, and have good security to maintain patient privacy.

Improve your health practice today with EMR software.


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