Coffee Beans: Know Before You Buy

Before you start ordering your wholesale coffee, you must make sure you know what you are ordering. So, the following will serve as a guide to the coffee beans you will find when ordering wholesale coffee in Chicago.

The Beans That You Might Encounter

When it comes to coffee beans, they are the heart of each mug of coffee. However, coffee beans are not really beans. Instead, they are actually pits, or seeds, of the coffee berry. There are coffee plants that grow all over the world, and the aroma, flavor, and even acidity depends on the region where it comes from. Though there are several regions where coffee grows, there are three main types of beans: Robusta, Arabica, and Liberica.

Arabica is the most common type of coffee we normally see, and it originated in areas around Yemen and Ethiopia. It now is grown around the world. Arabica coffee requires warm temperatures and humidity to grow, and it must be grown at elevations that are more than 3,000 feet above sea level. Approximately 60 to 75% of all coffee beans sold around the world are Arabica. Some popular types of Arabica beans include Java, Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kenyan, and Kona.

Robusta, another type of coffee, is also traced back to Africa, and it is still commonly found around the continent. You will also find Robusta beans growing in Vietnam and Brazil. Some coffee distributers consider Robusta to be a low-quality coffee bean. It has a much higher amount of caffeine when compared to Arabica, and it is mostly used in instant or pre-packaged types of coffee.

Liberica beans are grown in Liberia, and they are not as well-known as the other types of beans. Since most people don’t know about these beans, the flavor profile of Liberica beans is always expanding.

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