Challenges in Beverage Processing

There are many different challenges that startup businesses in the beverage industry face. These differ slightly between carbonated and non-carbonated products, but there are some key similarities between both beverage processing systems.

Understanding these challenges and working with companies supplying innovative technology is an effective way for any beverage production company to proactively identify possible areas of challenges. Often these companies have expertise and experience that is invaluable to the startup company, particularly if the equipment manufacturer has been in the industry for a significant amount of time.

Cost Factors

As in any industry, startup costs are a critical factor for any company. In beverage processing, cutting corners on equipment is never advised. Low-quality equipment or buying used equipment can lead to inconsistency in the final product, resulting in challenges with branding and marketing efforts.

Additionally, with strict standards in place for consumer safety, working with less than state-of-the-art equipment poses a problem for the processing company in meeting these standards. New equipment under warranty also offers greater protection for the business as opposed to buying older, used equipment at a lower price.


While many suppliers selling to the beverage processing industry are geared towards large production volumes, other suppliers offer scalable equipment. By choosing the company with modular types of equipment design as well as system and standalone technologies, a smaller processing company can buy what they need with regards to production and then increase as they move into new markets.

This not only helps in keeping the cost down, but it also ensures that the original equipment purchased is not going to used for a while and then replaced. Instead, by working with the supplier, the beverage company can build on the existing equipment to add to their production capacity without the need for a full replacement of the system.

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