Do I Need New Struts?

As your car ages, some of the parts will need to be replaced. After all, nothing lasts forever and if your car has 50,000 miles or more on it, you might want to check your struts. Replacing a strut assembly in Royal Oak is not too difficult if you have some basic automotive knowledge. But how do you know if it’s time for new ones? Here are some tips to help you get a better idea.

Steering Issues

Have you noticed a change in your steering lately? Maybe it seems stiffer than normal. It might not respond as quickly as it did in the past. Perhaps you hear some unusual sounds or noises as you turn the steering wheel. This could be signs of worn struts.


If your brake linings are fine then there should not be any problems, but sometimes you could still have some braking issues. Struts are part of your front suspension and if a strut assembly is not working properly it can affect your daily drive in Royal Oak and the car’s suspension during braking. In fact, it can sometimes result in instability and what is referred to as “nose diving” when you come to a sudden stop.

Driving and Handling

Does your suspension appear to sway or lean when you go around a sharp curve in the road? Perhaps something seems amiss each time you change lanes on the highway. Your suspension could be telling you something.

Physical Examination

One of the best ways to check shocks or struts is with a simple “push test’. Go to your parked vehicle and push down on the fender above each tire. Your car should bounce once or twice, but if it bounces any more than that, something is wrong. Struts and shocks are supposed to eliminate excess bounce and when they do not, they are most likely worn out.

Look Underneath the Car

Check out your struts to see if there are any signs of fluid leaks. This often occurs when they become worn. Also check to see if there is damage on the mounts or surface of the strut bodies. A sudden blow from a large rock or other item in the road can cause damage to your struts and prevent them from working properly.


Look at your tires. Do they appear to have worn or cupped parts on the tread section? If so, you may have a strut assembly problem and you can get the parts you need at your Royal Oak part store.


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