Celebrate the Sport of Luge With an Ice Block in Suffolk County NY

With so much attention on the fast sport of luge during the Winter Olympic Games, people may decide they are going to include a particular type of ice block in Suffolk County, NY for their next big party. That ice block also is known as a luge. It’s a very large piece of ice with a channel or two carved into it to simulate the tracks that people slide down on at a breathtakingly rapid speed.

Channels in the Ice

What are those channels in the ice block for? Partygoers like to pour alcoholic beverages down the canals of an ice block in Suffolk County, NY and catch the liquor in a glass at the bottom. These party luge tracks are curved, so the liquid flows in an attractive pattern. Now the alcohol is deliciously cold although it hasn’t been greatly watered down. Another rowdier use for the party ice luge involves someone pouring a shot or two of alcohol down the canal and another person waiting at the bottom to drink it straight from the channel.

Decorative Ideas

For a decorative touch, party hosts like to prop the ice block on a diagonal stand that has a bright or bold color. The liquor to be poured down the channels has a similar color or a complementary hue. For an Independence Day gathering, for example, the stand might be red and the alcohol blue, with the ice representing the color white. Several types of alcoholic beverages come in blue, and clear liquids can be changed with a drop or two of food coloring.

Celebrate the Competition

Most people aren’t daring enough to fly down an ice track at 90 miles per hour while lying flat on a toboggan, but they can still celebrate the competition with their own ice block luge from a supplier such as Long Island Ice and Fuel. Visit the website IceFuelLI.com to learn more.

Drink Responsibly

Of course, it’s crucial for the party hosts to make sure everyone drinks responsibly. If anyone is too tipsy to drive, that person should be provided with a ride home. A designated driver service might be planned ahead of time.


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