Why You Need Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses

An eclipse of the sun is quite rare and total eclipses are even rarer. When these events occur, you do not want to miss them, and it is important to understand how to view eclipses safely. Here are some good reasons to buy inexpensive, safe solar eclipse glasses for the next event.

The Myth of Total Eclipses

Some people believe you can view total eclipses without eye protection. However, this myth is founded in truth because, during the time of totality, the moon’s shadow blocks out all harmful rays from the sun. Yet, this only happens for a very short time, and it is nearly impossible to tell when it is safe or not to look at the sun.

You May Not Feel Any Pain

Perhaps the most dangerous thing about not wearing safe solar eclipse glasses, is there are no symptoms of eye damage right away. It may be hours or days before you start noticing vision problems. You may experience partial vision loss or cannot see colors. If this happens, you should seek professional medical care right away.

The Importance of Buying New Viewers

You may have some safe solar eclipse glasses, but they could be a few years old. Before each eclipse, you should buy new viewers because they are not very expensive. If your glasses are three years old or have been used quite a bit, it is best to replace them.

Scratched lenses can affect the safety of eclipse viewers. In fact, scratches could make them unsafe to use. If the lenses get wrinkles or take any kind of damage, you should not use the glasses. Your vision is not something to gamble on. You can buy safe viewers wholesale online for less than one dollar per pair. However, make sure they are ISO and CE approved.


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