Comparing The Services Of Custom Transformer Manufacturers

In most cases, the custom transformer manufacturers located in the United States are relatively compatible as to the quality and the capabilities they offer. There are differences between different companies, and these differences can be significant. Taking the time to compare the different companies before choosing the best option is time well-spent for any engineer, project manager, or OEM looking for a single or ongoing order.

Experience in the Industry

Working with one of the experienced custom transformer manufacturers allows the customer to understand the scope of work and expertise the company brings to the project. There is nothing inherently wrong about working with new companies offering custom transformers, but there is limited information as to the quality of their work, the understanding of standards and requirements, and the ability to produce the transformers to meet the specific needs of the system.

Some of the manufacturers have in-house engineers who can work with your design team or the requirements you provide to design the best match in a transformer. These designs are evaluated to ensure they meet all compliance standards, and they are within the standards required for international and domestic use.

Compliance Verification

The majority of all custom transformer manufacturers in the USA have some type of compliance standards. The best companies are fully compliant with CSA, CE, UL, and other international standards. For OEMs shipping parts, components or systems outside of the USA, RoHS compliance as well as other international standard compliance may also be required.

Types of Transformers

The top transformer manufacturers offering custom design also offer full CAD supported design support and services, and they can work with an in-house design team for specialized projects. At the same time, most of the top custom providers for transformers also specialize in certain types of transformers, including autotransformers, isolation and toroidal transformers as well as chokes and inductors.


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