You are Making Your First of a Few Bar Mitzvahs and you Need to Buy Tablecloths

You are the mom of six boys, all under the age of 13. You love being a boy mom and love the feeling of being the only girl in your family. The first of your sons is approaching the Bar Mitzvah age of 13 and you are preparing for a luncheon you will host celebrating this monumental event.

You want the best you can afford on a budget that isn’t very high. Therefore, you are planning to find ways to use and recycle as much of the first Bar Mitzvah’s things as you. You are making artificial flower arrangements that you can use again. You have a caterer that will give you a big discount if you provide the linens for the event.

Because you will be keeping the same color scheme throughout the celebrations you are looking for polyester 120 round tablecloth dusty blue. The synagogue where you will have the events has round tables so that is why you chose to get polyester 120 round tablecloth dusty blue. You also want the company from which you will purchase the tablecloths to have napkins available in a contrasting color, perhaps navy blue or royal blue.

You want to find a company that not only has a large selection of linens but also has other accessories you might purchase to jazz up the event space, like a wall of fake flowers or leaves. You want to get excellent customer service. You want to complete your entire purchase online with no hassle at all. You ask around to some friends and hope they can make a recommendation to you.

For the best selection, service and a great buying experience, please reach out to CV Linens in Austin, Texas.

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