Why Integrate with Payroll & HR Software

Most companies require a Human Resources department and a payroll department. Sometimes, they are the same, especially for smaller companies. However, more corporations are integrating the two departments, as well. They find it easier to have everything together in one location, but that also means that they need payroll & HR software that can handle both department’s needs. Choosing one can be difficult, but there are a few pointers and benefits of integration.

Web-Based Systems

Most companies are interconnected and online because it makes the process of running the business run smoothly. Therefore, you may want to consider a web-based program because it can all be run in the Cloud. Along with such, it may take up less space on your network or hard drives, which means you don’t have crashing incidents. Plus, you can gain access from anywhere (even at home if you’re so connected), and anytime.

Effortless Compliance

You must be compliant with all the updates from the Foreign Worker Levy, CPF, IRAS, and Skills Development Levy. They regularly update the rules, and it means you have to know when those rules change and implement it within your system. If you choose payroll & HR software, it is notified when there are changes, and you or your IT team can download them and install them on the system.

Employee Portals

The goal is to let the employees handle their information separately, entering timecard information for you. That way, the process is streamlined. You can always check to ensure that they’re entering the data correctly, but you or your HR department aren’t bothered with all that extra work. Whenever it’s time to pay out, the software automatically sends the pay-slip to payroll, ensuring continuity and ease of payment. Employees can also use the portal to request time off, saving you a lot of time.


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