Searching for a Full-size Pickup?

The Ford F-150 is widely considered as the world’s best full-size pickup. It’s agile enough to feel like you’re powering a smaller pickup, powerful enough to live up to its size, and luxurious enough on the interior to outpace some of today’s finest luxury vehicles. It’s this year’s Motor Trend Truck of the Year for a reason, after all. To give you a better idea of just what makes this truck so, special, here are just a few of its highlights:

– Best in class payload: 3,270 lbs
– Best in class towing: 13,200 lbs.
– A frame is 78% high-strength steel
– Comes with 8″ LCD Productivity Screen
– Comes with a 60-degree camera for complete control

You won’t find a finer driving experience in any truck on the road today. Some of the competition might keep up, but there aren’t many out there tough enough to tangle with an F-150.

Hawk Ford Invites You To See The Ford F-150 in Chicago

In the mood to own one of the world’s finest and toughest pickup trucks? You’re welcome to stop by Hawk Ford, a Chicago auto dealership that offers some exceptional performance of its own. From a world-class sales team that lives and breathes the Ford name, to a finance department that goes out of its way to put you behind the wheel of the vehicle you truly want, right on down to auto maintenance and repair services after you take your truck home, you’ve got a one-stop shop for all of your Ford needs. If you’re ready to test drive the F-150 today, just find the model that interests you the most (there are plenty of packages to choose from) and then call Hawk Ford today to see the Ford F-150 in Chicago today!


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