The Two Most Common Reasons to Work with a Divorce Attorney in Green Valley, NV

Marriage is always to be taken seriously, but it does not always work out. The average married couple today will face odds of a future divorce that can be anywhere between thirty and fifty percent. By being sure to engage the services of a divorce attorney Green Valley NV, residents who are grappling with the process themselves can be sure of safeguarding their interests.

Legal Representation Makes a Satisfactory Divorce More Likely

Some married couples who split up on amicable terms use processes like mediation to avoid the need to hash things out in court. Unfortunately, that will not always be an option, with hard feelings between formerly loving partners much more often being unavoidable.

By securing the assistance of a divorce attorney Green Valley NV, residents can make it far more likely that they will achieve their personal goals. Attorneys like those at Pintar Albiston LLP regularly see to their clients’ priorities with regard to divorce-related matters including:

* Distribution of assets.

* Nevada is one of many states where more or less all assets acquired in the course of the marriage are regarded, by default, as owned jointly. While prenuptial agreements and other quirks can alter the usual balance, this means most who are facing divorce can rightly expect to receive a roughly equal share of the former couple’s property. Even so, lawyers will often be able to assist their clients with this important process by fighting for the sole ownership of particular assets in exchange for giving up others.

* Custody and visitation.

* If jointly owned property is a common point of contention in the course of many divorces, child custody and visitation arrangements are even more likely to create friction. While some couples are capable of arriving at a complete agreement regarding such matters, that is fairly rare. In most cases, an attorney who is ready to insist on a satisfactory solution for a client will make a real difference.

The Best Way of Getting on With Life

Divorce is rarely a pleasant process, particularly when there are any contentious issues to settle. Fortunately, having a lawyer take on the difficult work of negotiating and arguing will always make divorce easier to cope with. You can also connect them on Facebook.


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