Why Buy a Refurbished GE EKG Machine?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Cardiology Equipment


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If you run a healthcare facility, cost is always a concern. This includes labor, equipment and general operating expenses. When it comes to purchasing equipment you may have a choice between a brand new and refurbished GE EKG machine. So why should you choose refurbished over new? Let’s take a closer look and see.

The most obvious reason for buying a refurbished GE EKG machine is the cost. New machines can be expensive and you can often buy refurbished models for a fraction of the cost of new. However, sometimes cheaper is not always better. Yet, if you can buy a piece of equipment which is dependable and of high quality, you may be saving your organization a great deal of money.

Why General Electric?
General Electric (GE) has been in business for more than 100 years. They are synonymous with electrical and electronic equipment. In order for GE to put their name on something it must be of the highest quality, because their long and distinguished reputation is at stake. When you buy GE you can be assured you are not only getting quality, but equipment which is on the cutting edge of medical technology. Because this equipment is very durable and long lasting, you can buy a refurbished GE EKG machine which will provide many years of dependable service.

Buying Your Refurbished Machine
Brand name is essential when shopping for refurbished medical equipment. This is another good reason to choose a refurbished GE EKG machine. If you have never heard of a particular brand or model, there may be good reason. When shopping manufacturers you could be taking unnecessary risks if you go with an unproven brand.

When you choose a trusted brand, you know you will have support in the future. There should be no problem finding parts of service when needed. This can mean the difference between making repairs and having to replace your equipment.

When you shop for the right refurbished GE EKG machine, check the warranties. For example, some companies may only offer 90 days or perhaps one year. It’s always best to go with a supplier offering the best warranties and you should be able to buy a unit with a three-year warranty.

Service and Repair
Your refurbished GE EKG machine should provide dependable service, but if you need service or repairs, choose a supplier who also services what they sell. Make sure your supplier has bio-medical service technicians who are factory trained. They should be able to supply on site or depot repair services when needed.

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