Buying A Refurbished GE MAC 1200

Having not only the necessary type of equipment on hand but also the number of specific machines available to handle patient needs will be critical for any hospital, clinic and emergency treatment facility.

It will also be important to have equipment available for researchers and clinic testing needs, so having not only reliable but also portable and practical equipment is a priority. For all of these needs the GE MAC 1200 EKG machine certainly fits the description and a reconditioned model offers several additional benefits over a new equipment purchase.

The System

The GE MAC 1200 is a basic ECG system that is a 12-lead system with a range of different features and advantages. While not as complex as some of the EKG machines on the market, its simplicity makes it easy to use without giving up on advanced algorithm capacity and connectivity to patient information systems.

The system itself works on a one-touch operating system. It is very easy to use, requiring minimal training to quickly become familiar with the system. It also offers the option to analyze data, store data within the system or print from the machine. Operators will also have a very clear and easy way to see the live display that is just above the control settings on the device. To make storing hard copy data easier the printer uses both standard or full-sized reports as well as archivist paper, making record keeping much easier.

The system can be configured to user-definable fields that are also easy to configure. It also comes with standard 12SL gender interpretation, which is very helpful to avoid false positives, particularly when working with female patients.


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