All Encompassing Pet Health Care from Youth to Senior Years with a Veterinarian in Leawood KS

Young pets get a healthy start in life if health care begins within the first few months of life. Vaccinations afford young dogs and cats the benefit of resistance to disease that can make them sick or even threaten mortality. A Veterinarian Leawood KS put animals on a vaccination schedule where they get their shots at certain stages in life. Since heartworms are most common in dogs, a heartworm inhibiting plan is advised. Flea protection includes treatment for prevention and a formula applied to fur and skin that kills fleas and eggs on contact. Fleas can carry Lyme disease which can be detrimental to health. Nutrition advice for pet owners informs them on diets that are beneficial to certain breeds with nutrients that should be in their diet in youth and their senior years.

Dental care for dogs and cats is crucial to their general health. Periodontal disease occurs before the age of three on a copious scale for dogs. Bad breath with unhealthy looking teeth and gums are seen in dogs with periodontal disease. If gum disease is left untreated, infections can be released into the bloodstream to harm other systems of the body. A veterinarian in Leawood, KS or a veterinarian assistant perform oral cleanings. Oral cleanings are done with an anesthetic that relaxes them. Most pets build-up some tartar in the mouth. Special dental tools remove tartar and bacteria above and below the gumline. Teeth are polished down to reveal glossy white enamel at the end of the procedure.

Alternative medicine is available for pets with companions who will do anything that can effectively improve health without resorting to surgery. Therapy laser treatment can provide long lasting pain relief for animals with chronic health conditions. Arthritis of the bones and joints happen in aging cats and dogs. If they aren’t maintaining a healthy weight, the onset of arthritis can happen even sooner. Laser therapy treatment can alleviate pain associated with ear infections, arthritis, lick granulomas and much more. The laser targets the nerves that send pain signals to the brain. The nerves are put in a state of inactivity by heated electrical waves that block pain signals delivered to the brain. Bring pets to the Cherokee Animal Clinic to get them started on a comprehensive health care plan.

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