When Your Budget Calls for Cheap Engagement Rings

If you plan to wed in the near future, you’re probably in search of rings. One of the most important issues is budget, and you may have to look at cheap engagement rings. However, just because you don’t pay a lot, it doesn’t mean you can’t get something beautiful that’s of high-quality. Here are some helpful tips for keeping the price as low as possible when you shop.

Perfection is Not Essential

When you check out diamonds, you’ll notice that the ones with the fewest flaws cost more. For example, you can find some beautiful diamonds with VS1 or VS2 clarity grades, and they are cheaper than ones rated VVS1 or VVS2. If you have to cut costs, it’s fine to buy diamonds with flaws you can’t see. After all, friends and family aren’t going to pull out their eye loupes (magnifiers) and appraise your ring when you show it to them.

Do You Need Solitaire Diamonds?

If you want the sparkle and fire or an expensive diamond ring, consider clustered diamonds. You can have a large center setting filled with many small diamonds. They look like rings with a large solitaire stone, and no one will know you went shopping for cheap engagement rings.

Consider Online Shopping

Some of the finest jewelers in the country also have websites, in addition to their local showrooms. This gives you the chance to find an affordable ring without sacrificing quality. Some online jewelers offer lowest price match guarantees and give you thousands of selections.

Don’t Surprise Her

She might want to settle for an inexpensive ring today, and in a few years, she can trade it in for something better. That’s why you should discuss the subject of cheap engagement rings and ask her opinion on what to do. You might save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with this strategy.


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