Common Reasons Your Air Conditioner Unit Freezes Up

Everyone knows how hot it can get during the summer months, so hot in fact that walking out on your front porch causes you to lose your breath. What is really bad on those extremely hot days is when you crank down the thermostat so that it will be reasonably cool and the next thing you know your unit is frozen up and it’s stifling in your house. There are a few different reasons for a unit to freeze up and need air condition repair in Whitby, ON. With that in mind, read on below for a few of those reasons.

The Airflow is Blocked
The first possible reason for your AC to freeze up is because the airflow to your home is blocked. If the flow to the house is restricted, then the air can’t circulate to get to the home. The most likely problem is that your air filter is dirty or blocked. The best way to fix this is by changing and cleaning your filters on a regular basis, usually once a month will do the trick. If your unit is still freezing up, you may need to schedule air condition repair in Whitby, ON to fix the problem.

Refrigerant Leaks
Another possible reason for your unit to be freezing up is a refrigerant leak. In other words, your unit is leaking Freon. This is something that you can’t truly take care of on your own. You need to get the unit repaired or have it replaces, whichever is the cheapest and easiest for you. Your HVAC contractor can recommend which option they think is best in your case.

For more information, contact the professionals at TwinTech Heating and Cooling to make an appointment for service and air condition repair in Whitby, ON.


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