4 Tips to Getting a Certified Interpreter on Board

The assistance of an interpreter can make those client meetings go so much easier. Whether you’re pitching a proposal or closing a sale, communication is key. The right word, the right phrase can make or break a deal. Hiring a certified interpreter can be the right solution for your team.

Not sure how to go about hiring one? Here are 4 easy tips to help you:

Know what you need

What are your translation needs? How much volume of work do you need assistance with? The kind of interpreter you hire will largely depend on those needs. Also, are you looking for a full-time in-house staff or do you prefer the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of hiring one from a company that provides interpretation assistance and support? Determine the answers to these questions—and more—before you scout around for an interpreter.

Do your homework

Once you know what kind of interpreter you need, go online and look for available options. You could also reach out to colleagues or contacts for tips, contacts and referrals.

Confirm qualifications

Check the background of the interpreters on your list and confirm their qualifications and credentials, Inc. says. The last thing you want is to hire someone who’s woefully unequal to the tasks at hand. Be sure to review the accuracy of their information before you move forward with anything.

Know the rates

Know how much the work goes for on average in the market. That way, you’ll have a clear idea of how much to pay a certified interpreter. Without proper research, you could end up paying too much—though if you’re happy with the quality of the job, that could be an excellent trade-off. If you set your budget too low, though, you could end up with second-or third-rate interpreters that would provide you with less than stellar results.


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