When to Bring Your Pet to a Middleburg Veterinarian for a Checkup

Our pets are thought of as family members, and we want to be sure they get regular checkups at the right time to keep them as healthy as possible. When they get these regular checkup depends on what life stage they are going through. Visiting a Middleburg vegetarian helps ensure our pets get the care needed to help them grow into and stay healthy happy adults.

Birth to Age 1 Year

Kittens and puppies are brought to a Middleburg veterinarian for vaccinations every two weeks until the age of sixteen weeks. Dogs receive boosters for rabies and distemper-parvo, and might get vaccinations against such health woes as kennel cough. Cats receive testing for feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia, and their vaccinations they receive are to cover many different diseases. They are checked for any signs of illness, making sure their growth is going well. These will be checked again at the age of six months, when they are old enough to be neutered or spayed.

Age 1 Year to 7-10 Years

At this stage of life, cats and dogs need to get checkups yearly, where they get a thorough physical. During this time blood samples are taken from dogs to check for heartworm. If the pet has been having any problem or if any are found during the physical, more blood tests may be recommended.

During the first yearly checkup, and every three years after, pets get rabies and distemper-parvo booster. There may be other vaccinations given for the prevention of such illnesses as kennel cough, and feline leukemia vaccines should be given to outdoor cats.

If possible during these checkups, bring a stool sample from the pet so the Middleburg veterinarian will be able to check to intestinal parasites.

Age 7 Years to 10 Years and Beyond

Rather than yearly checkup, pets are moved up to checkups twice-yearly. They will receive a thorough physical and receive vaccinations when needed. Tests are given to follow up on any problems they may be having. To give the Middleburg veterinarian a better look at things, urine and blood tests may be needed for a check on their thyroid hormone levels, kidney health, and more. Any changes that have been seen in the pet need to be told to the vegetarian, as these can be signs of a greater problem.

If there is any suspicion there is something wrong between checkups, call to inquire about bringing them to be checked on.

Argyle Animal Clinic offers a wide range of services to ensure your pet remains in optimal health. Find a Middleburg veterinarian that will care for your furry family member!

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