Truck Maintenance in Forest Lake MN for a Pickup Used as a Tow Vehicle

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Automotive


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A person who routinely uses a pickup truck to haul a travel trailer or a large boat must pay special attention to truck maintenance in Forest Lake MN. Towing these types of vehicles with a pickup truck qualifies as heavy-duty use, since hauling puts a strain on various components. The situation is even more extreme when towing a heavy vehicle up and down steep hills and across mountain ranges. It’s important to have an automotive technician performing regular maintenance tasks and making sure everything stays in excellent condition.

Experts recommend using synthetic engine oil for a truck that’s regularly used for towing. A garage that does Truck Maintenance in Forest Lake MN can provide synthetic oil changes on request. Oil changes should be done per manufacturer recommendations for a truck with heavy-duty use. Many people delay oil changes, as there has been some skepticism about whether such frequent service is actually necessary. This may be OK for light-use passenger vehicles, but not for a pickup truck that’s required to haul campers or boats. Contact American Imports for an appointment for routine maintenance service and to learn about their specials.

Synthetic transmission fluid also is best. A garage that offers maintenance service can do a transmission flush and replace the old fluid with a synthetic version. Many vehicle owners never bother to have the transmission fluid changed, but doing so at least every 30,000 miles is wise when using a pickup truck for towing. Some manufacturers suggest getting the fluid changed every 15,000 miles if the truck routinely hauls a camper or other heavy object.

It’s especially important that the tires be inflated to the proper level when towing. Vehicle owners should check the air pressure each and every time they are about to set out on a trip with the camper or boat.

Brakes receive more than their fair share of abuse under these circumstances. It’s a good idea to have the brakes checked every 30,000 miles to evaluate wear. Typically, vehicle owners wait until brakes make noise or show some other symptoms of wear, but waiting this long can lead to a hazardous situation with a tow vehicle.

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