What to Know About Tooth Crowns in Beaumont TX

To have optimal dental health, it’s necessary to get preventive and restorative oral care. Restorative care can involve using dental devices that repair teeth. One such device is a tooth crown. Tooth Crowns in Beaumont TX can help save teeth from further deterioration. They can also enhance a person’s smile. The following information will give more insight into this restorative device.

A tooth crown is a man-made cover that fits over the top of a reshaped tooth. This cap can be used for restorative or cosmetic purposes as determined by a dentist. Many situations may require a patient to have a crown installed on one or more teeth. A decayed, cracked, or broken tooth that needs to be returned to its natural shape and size can benefit from a tooth crown. A poor-fitting crown can be replaced by a new tooth crown. Tooth Crowns in Beaumont TX can also be implemented when a patient has a bite problem. In addition, installing these devices can also drastically improve a person’s aesthetic value.

It can take two to three visits to get a tooth crown. The entire procedure can range from one month to six weeks. Before the procedure starts, a dentist will likely numb the tooth and areas around it with a local anesthetic. Using a drill, a dentist will reduce the size of the tooth. At the same time, the tooth will be reshaped to accommodate an overlying tooth crown. Next, an impression will be taken of the treated tooth and adjacent teeth. This mold will be sent to a lab to create a permanent tooth crown. In the meantime, a dentist will install a temporary crown to protect the treated tooth. After the lab sends the new crown back, a dentist will ensure that it fits snugly over the treated tooth. It will then be cemented into place.

By learning about this procedure and its benefits, a person can decide whether to use a dental crown. Care should be taken to consider other options as well to get the most suitable dental treatment. To learn about this and other dental services, please look at more info on the website of Beaumont Smile Center. This practice can handle numerous services including tooth crowns, dental fillings, and bonding.


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