HIre a Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston ND if a Parent is Facing Charges Because of a Child’s Actions

Juvenile crimes are those committed by people under age 18. The American justice system has separate laws addressing juvenile crime, but in some instances, a juvenile can be tried as an adult. In this article is a brief explanation of juvenile crime law, and of when parents can be held accountable for their child’s actions.

Parental Accountability

In juvenile law, parental accountability statutes are laws used to hold parents liable for their children’s crimes. Such laws are based on theories including:

• That parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that their children don’t commit crimes

• Holding parents accountable is an effective juvenile crime deterrent

For Which Acts can Parents be Held Liable?

Parents can be held accountable for many crimes committed by minors, and new violations have arisen over the recent past. Parents can be held responsible for crimes including the following:

• Hacking, internet access and computer crimes-;These crimes are common among youth who use technology frequently. Crimes such as child pornography distributed through MMS can result in severe consequences. This legal area is still evolving, but parents can be held accountable depending on the case.

• Delinquent youth laws-;Many jurisdictions hold parents criminally liable if they allow their children to commit delinquent acts. Penalties for repeat offenses can be severe, and may result in negligent parenting charges.

• Access to firearms-;Some areas hold parents accountable if a child accesses a gun controlled or owned by a parent.

Consequences of Accountability Laws

There may be criminal and civil consequences for a parent who violates parental accountability statutes. These consequences can include fines, court costs, forced participation in court proceedings, restitution, payment of detention costs and community service. In severe cases, jail time can be given even with the help of Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston ND.

Does a Parent Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?

If a minor child faces criminal charges, it is vital for parents to talk to a Criminal Law Lawyer in Williston ND who handles juvenile cases. A Criminal Law Lawyer can tell clients about legal consequences for the child and for the parent, and they can help families form solid legal strategies.


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