Different Sunroom Designs

Sunrooms are closed spaces that use large areas of glass to take full advantage of the sun. There are numerous designs of sunrooms in San Antonio; they range from very basic designs which are little more than a bank of windows all the way to conservatory style, fully enclosed in glass, both walls and ceiling. For those thinking of adding a sunroom to their home the considerations include budget, the physical size and the use. It can help to narrow down the options if the homeowner understands better what designs are available and what benefits each has.

Although the more complex sunrooms are built by professionals there actually are kits available for those who wish to tackle the project themselves. These prefabricated kits are basic; they consist of an aluminum frame addition that can be attached to the side or back wall of the house.

Tackling the construction of a sunroom may be less costly than it would be if it was done professionally but it does bring certain challenges. The homeowner must be somewhat skilled with carpentry and building construction, as the kits are prefab, if the erection instructions are not followed precisely this may result in future problems.

Complex sunrooms in San Antonio are best left to the pros, people who can deal with the most complex and unusual specifications. Using professional contractors means you can get away from basic building materials; you can specify various materials and coordinate the flooring, ceiling and walls. There is no limit to what can be part of a custom designed and built sunroom, many include fireplaces and hot tubs. Without a professional contractor it would be hard for the homeowner to ensure elements such as these were installed safely and efficiently.

Often the overall design of sunrooms in San Antonio is based on the intended use of the space. Some people use their sunroom for plants while others see it as a cozy place to curl up with the family in the evening.

Many homeowners use their sunroom for a dining area. A sunroom offers the chance to eat in a sun filled environment without being bothered by insects or chilly mornings.

The possibilities are endless, if the room is to be used for leisure it can be designed inside in one of a thousand ways. Most people who do have a sunroom constructed tend to furnish it with tropical type furniture, low to the ground so it does not block the sun and use either indoor/outdoor carpet or tile for the floor.

Sunrooms in San Antonio are a wonderful way to take full advantage of Texas weather. If you are considering a sunroom addition you are invited to discuss your thinking with Shaw Company Remodeling.


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