Using A Basement Waterproofing Service in Fairfax VA When Humidity Levels Are High

When a homeowner has difficulty with high humidity levels in their basement, it is likely they will want to take steps to minimize the amount of moisture on this level of their building. Since humidity can lead to damage to a structure, taking fast action when moisture is noticed will be necessary. Here are a few ways humidity can be handled so a basement does not suffer from potential water damage.

Add Plastic Sheeting To Keep Moisture Out

The addition of plastic over insulation in basement walls can greatly reduce the chance of moisture from getting inside of the home. This type of vapor barrier will also keep insects and rodents from getting into the home as well. Vapor sheeting can be installed by a professional as drywall will need to be removed and replaced for it to be properly positioned.

Use A Tool Made To Remove Moisture From The Air

A dehumidifying unit can be placed inside of the basement to help to keep moisture from accumulating. These units are relatively quiet and they will shut off on their own when the collection bin becomes full of water. After the water is removed and the bin is replaced, the unit can then be used again to remove additional moisture as necessary.

Call A Service To Get An Evaluation Done

A Basement Waterproofing Service in Fairfax VA can be called to do an assessment of the basement in a home. They will then make recommendations to reduce the amount of humidity present. A waterproofing service will take a look at the foundation to see if cracks are present and will fill them in if this indeed where moisture is making its way into the home. They also have the ability to install pumps or use waterproofing agents on floors and walls inside of the home to help keep moisture at bay.

When there is a need to hire a basement waterproofing service in Fairfax VA, finding one with plenty of experience will be necessary. Contact us today to find out more about the processes used to remove humidity and make an appointment for an evaluation if desired.


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