What Makes a Good Sign? The Anatomy of Sign Designs Fort Worth TX

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Signage


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What makes a good sign? Ever since the first Wild West saloon popped up, business owners have asked what a good sign is. It needs to be clear and legible. Or does it? It should be bright and attractive. But should it? A good sign is trying to accomplish a certain kind of goal, and not all signs are trying to do the same thing.

Proving Style

Sign Designs Fort Worth TX can come from a lot of different places. One particular approach is to prove the style and tone of the company. Hollister has signs outside their corporate stores that are illegible. But, people know what it is. So when Nike has their own store, they do not necessarily need to say, Nike. They can have the small curved logo by itself.

Of course, most companies do not have that instant-image recognition. But, they can use sign designs in Fort Worth, TX that are fancy, provocative, and hyper-stylized. That can attract its own type of attention. But, the design style works best for a certain type of demographic or company. Adding the logo to the business sign could be advised. Also, dropping the words entirely could be a fanciful way to make the sign appealing and combine it with a certain product (like a Nike scenario).

Chicken Here!

Travelers want to know exactly what kind of food is at a location. So, a small and fanciful sign advertising a Thai location may not have the same appeal as “chicken” or “donuts and $5 breakfast.” Some Legacy Signs of Texas can be immediate because they are attracting a certain kind of person. The signs can consist of bold and contrasting colors specifically designed to attract some quick attention. This kind of sign works better for non-vague business names. Chunky Chicken’s or Ben’s Snack Stop would benefit from a sign that is clear and well-intentioned.

Sign designers and business owners alike love to play around with the style of their signs. Keep in mind that the main business sign is different from promotional material, outdoor signage, and temporary stick signs. Businesses can experiment and attempt some different approaches in their pursuit of more bodies in the door.

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