Would You Benefit From Using Banana Setting Powder?

It is amazing all of the new developments in makeup, or perhaps the Hollywood secrets that are now getting out into the general public. One of the newest of these secrets to hit the world of beauty products is banana setting powder.

Before going any further and discussing how to use setting powder, it may be helpful to explain the name. In reality, this setting powder has absolutely nothing to do with the fruit, other than it has a slightly yellow look in the container.

It is a very fine powder and just a little bit brushed, sponged or puffed across specific areas of the face creates an extra highlight that is subtle but highly effective. This is a product that is often used with contouring makeup to highlight specific areas of the face including the T-zone, under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose.

The Benefits

Anyone with oily skin or oily skin patches should consider using banana setting powder as a mattifying product. It will be very effective in eliminating that horrible shine that women with oily skin can develop in just a few hours after applying makeup.

However, there is such a small amount of the powder required for the face that it adds absolutely no weight to your makeup. Also, since it is virtually transparent on the skin, one color is all that is needed regardless of your skin and foundation tone.

Warm Glow

While not a bronzer, banana setting powder does provide a natural warm tone or slight luminescence to the skin. It is very different from some of the setting powders on the market that make the skin look cold or dry.

The slight yellow color of the powder will also help to even out any areas that may appear red or darker in pigmentation. At the same time, it will also provide a blurring or softening of the colors, giving a much more natural look to any contouring you may have used.

Ideally, to use the powder choose a powder brush or a puff. Apply just a very small amount on the areas you want to accentuate or to set your makeup. Allow to sit for a few minutes and then use the brush or the puff to then remove any residual powder.

For those with oily skin, you can blot when needed with the setting powder on without ruining your makeup or requiring a touch-up. The good news is that with this powder you may find you don’t have to worry about shine, which is always another perk of this product.


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