Tips to Prepare for Colonoscopy Procedures in Queens NY

Prior to having colonoscopy procedures in Queens NY, it is important for a person to clean out (empty) their colon. If there is any residue in the colon, it may wind up obscuring the view of the rectum and colon the doctor has during the exam. Some tips that will help a person prepare for the procedure they are having done can be found here.

Follow a Special Diet the Day Prior to the Exam

In most cases, a person who is having Colonoscopy Procedures in Queens NY will not be able to eat any type of solid food the day before their exam. A doctor may also limit them to only clear liquids, such as carbonated beverages, broth, coffee without cream or milk, tea and plain water. It is important to avoid any red liquids since they can be mistaken during blood during the exam. A person may not be able to drink or eat anything after midnight the night before their procedure either.

Take a Laxative

A person’s doctor may suggest that they take a laxative, in either liquid or pill form. They may also be instructed to take the laxative the 12 hours before the colonoscopy, or they may have to use it the night and morning prior to the procedure.

Utilize a Kit to Empty the Colon

There are some situations where it will be necessary for a person to use an over-the-counter kit to empty the colon. This may be necessary to use the right before the exam or just a few hours before the exam. This will work to effectively empty the person’s colon before the procedure.

Adjust Medications

It is important to remind a doctor of any medications a person is on approximately a week in advance to the procedure. This is especially true if a person suffers from heart issues, high blood pressure or diabetes and takes medication that thins the blood.

Knowing what to do to get ready for a colonoscopy can make the procedure less stressful and minimize the anxiety associated with the situation. If a person needs more information about this procedure or what to expect, they can contact the staff at GastroCare LI. Being informed will help a person know what to do prior to having this procedure done.


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