What Is Data Visualization Software?

Data is one of the most critical aspects of any business. This means large businesses as well as startups and companies operating in any industry, market or niche product or service area. Data is an effective way to track and analyze a company, campaign or business practice and it is also essential in making an informed decision in the best interests of the company.

Unfortunately, the data itself is difficult to work with for most people. It is cumbersome and difficult to interpret when presented in raw numbers. Even with spreadsheets and databases, it is still an overwhelming amount of information to be able to evaluate, analyze and sort into a meaningful representation.

The Answer to the Data Problem

The use of data visualization software is a very effective way to create meaningful, easy to understand visual representation of the information the data provides. This can be provided as a macro representation of “big data,” or it can be broken down into subsections or a variety of categories or groups.

The use of data visualization software is not just for administration and management. It is a simple way to provide information to employees and to demonstrate specific processes, techniques or approaches to customer sales, product or inventory management or individual progress towards sales goals.

Types of Data Visualization

Top options in data visualization software provide users with an intuitive way to show data in traditional types of representations through to completely customized and unique options.

The more traditional methods of representing data include charts, graphs and plotted lines. While these can be produced through basic programs, with software it is as simple as choosing the data source, clicking on the appropriate option for the display and hitting the button.

More creative options in these software programs include complex shapes, maps, multiple representations, images, three-dimensional representations, flowcharts and even the use of user generated images.


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