4 Reasons to Choose Cremation Services in Hamilton OH

Where cremation is concerned, it is not always about the cost. For some grieving families, there are many reasons to choose cremation over a traditional burial. As the rate of Cremation Services in Hamilton OH continues to increase, is important to understand the reasons families choose this method of body disposition.

It’s the Future

Back in the 1950s, roughly 4% of Americans were cremated, and burial was the preferred method of disposition. However today, more Americans are being cremated as opposed to being buried, according to the information from the NFDA.

A Shift in Religious Affiliations

Many funerary traditions arise from religion, especially where burial is concerned. However, America is becoming more secular, and more people are claiming to have no religious affiliation. According to information from the Pew Research Center, unaffiliated people make up around 23% of the American population. As the numbers grow, people are choosing different traditions when it comes to funerals. For many, that means choosing cremation over burial.

Environmental Concerns

Worries about the availability of land and the stability of the environment have made cremation a popular option. The funeral consumers Alliance discovered that the second most common reason for professional Cremation Services in Hamilton OH is that it preserves the land. Other people want to limit their after-death carbon footprint, and they see cremation as a more eco-friendly option than a traditional burial.


One of the primary reasons families choose cremation is because of its flexibility. A family can choose to remember their member in a way that is fitting to that person. The flexibility goes hand-in-hand with the increase in personalization. A family can have a custom urn, incorporate their loved one’s ashes into an artificial reef or even send the person’s ashes into space. All of these options make cremation a great way to memorialize a loved one in a way that they would have appreciated.

If a family is looking for a unique way to honor their loved one in a personalized, dignified and meaningful manner, cremation allows them to do so. For more information visit the website or call today to schedule a consultation.


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