The 4 hidden keys to great website design in Madison, WI

Understanding the four hidden keys to great website design can help your Madison, WI website really stand out. Not every website needs to look flashy and colorful. In fact, in many cases, the subtler and understated websites with a clear message are more likely to get the desired results. Instead of struggling to create your website all on your own, you can contact your local website design company in Madison, WI to get the expert design help you need. They will use the 4 hidden keys to help you get the stunning website you deserve.

Engaging and interesting content

One of the main keys to great website design Madison WI business owners should know actually isn’t about design at all. It relates to what complements the design which is the actual content on the website. With interesting and engaging content, your visitors will spend a longer time on your site and will be more likely to convert into a paying customer. This is a key component that i5 Digital Fitness can help you with.

Minimize distractions

It used to be that sidebars and popups were all the rage for new websites. However, if this is the first time a customer is visiting your site, all of this activity is likely to be a detraction rather than an interesting component.

Consider an opt in form

If you want to keep up with your customers long after they have visited your site, it will help to consider an opt in form. This form will be where prospective customers can input their email so they can receive a monthly newsletter or so you can send them promotional offers in the future.

Consistent with your brand

Your overall website design Madison WI design companies can offer should be consistent with the colors used in your branding as well as the font style, size, and type.

When you need outstanding website development, digital marketing, SEO and additional marketing services you can depend on i5 Digital Fitness. Visit us online to learn more about our services at


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