What Are The Benefits Of Waxing In Waimea

Hawaii women want a better alternative to shaving. For them, shaving becomes a major chore and isn’t long lasting. With this task comes the potential for razor burn and possible cuts. This could lead to more complex skin conditions and permanent scarring. Waxing Waimea could be a real alternative to shaving that provides them with amazing results.

Long Lasting Hair Removal

While waxing isn’t a permanent solution, it is a longer lasting option. The clinician applies a thin coating of the wax onto the target areas. Next, they use a waxing strip to remove the wax. If performed correctly, the patient will experience minimal pain. The results are smooth legs, underarms, and bikini areas that stay this way for up to two months.

Zero Skin Damage

The products used by professional waxers don’t present patients with any skin damage. Select products exfoliate the skin and improve its condition. This could reduce the possibility of breakouts or razor bumps. With the best products, the results are softer skin and looks youthful.

Hair Grows Back Finer

After waxing, the hair grows back finer. This could minimize the appearance of hairs for longer periods. The process slows hair growth by removing the follicle. However, some patients may not experience these results after the first treatment. Patients with excessive body hair may require excessive treatments before they achieve these results.

After Care Requirements

After waxing, the skin could become sensitive for the first week. Clinicians recommend that patients avoid exposure to the sun during the healing process. They should use high SPF sunscreens after sensitivity diminishes. This prevents skin damage from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Patients should also avoid hot baths as this could increase redness and puffiness of the treated area. They should also avoid lotions and products with fragrance additives.

Hawaii women find a better alternative to shaving when they choose professional waxing. These services can address hair removal requirements all over the body. The results of these treatments are long lasting and won’t produce skin irritation. Women who wish to undergo Waxing Waimea should schedule a consultation with David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D. or their Facebook page.

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