Specific Offerings of Logistics Companies Serving Chattanooga Businesses

Logistics can be a somewhat vague and all-encompassing term used to describe the operational details that allow a company to run. These details for many industries fall into the areas of asset management, warehousing and distribution. With Logistics companies, Chattanooga businesses can have these important areas fully supported without using too many internal resources.

Asset Management
Asset management basically comes down to tracking, securing and moving assets to the desired locations. An asset might refer to inventory, as in the case of a warehouse or manufacturing enterprise, or a person, in the example of a consulting firm. Logistics companies can often allow you to track your assets in real time, allowing for maximum efficiency and safety.

For example, in a warehouse, having real time tracking allows you to know when you are getting low on product so that you can add more before you start being unable to fulfill orders. Asset tracking is often provided through bar-coding or asset tagging.

Another often-overlooked aspect of asset management is asset destruction, which is particularly important in the case of confidential documents or branded merchandise that is not up to specification.

There is more to running a warehouse than simply having a big building in which to store goods. There is a constant flow of goods coming in and out of a warehouse, so it is imperative to have proper protocols in place for shipping and receiving, as well as asset tracking.

Security is very important in a warehouse situation as well, as any product stolen from a warehouse is a product not sold on the market, so 24/7 monitoring is certainly helpful. Assets in a warehouse must also be protected from fire, and a good fire alarm and fire suppression system is very helpful in that regard.

Distribution can be done in a variety of ways, from global shipping to in-house transport across the facility. It is an important step in the supply chain of logistics, as no product really does you any good if you can’t get it to the customer. Logistics companies often specialize in moving assets locally and globally, often faster or cheaper and certainly with less effort than mass-market shipping would require.


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