Upgrading Your Sales Initiative: The Importance of CRM Integration

The concept behind CRM integration focuses on going beyond merely collecting consumer data on a single system; instead, it focuses on its integration across different platforms in order to better consolidate the data and understand what it is the customer wants and how the company can deliver on their needs.

What sort of information is collected?
The information that is collected through CRM integration consists of where on the site they’ve been, what they’ve looked at, the sort of information they have requested and other similar types of data that allows you to create a profile of the customer in question. This is accomplished through the use of “cookies” that enable a website to recognize a customer as well as a variety of identifiers such as their IP address, identity on the website (i.e. their login details), etc.

Why is this information valuable?
The more that you know about a particular customer, the more likely you are of being able to successfully connect them with the product or service that they are after. Knowledge is power after all and the more knowledge you have regarding what the customer is after the greater you capability to be able to sell it to them ahead of your rivals. It should also be noted that with recent advances in customer analysis technology, customer data can now be shared across a wide variety of different platforms which enables not only your company but your subsidiaries close to the customer to understand what they are after and potentially sell it to them at a far faster rate given their location.

Why not rely on an Ordinary CRM Database?
While there is nothing technically wrong with rely on ordinary CRM databases, the fact remains that without the process of integration in place, you don’t get as much information. First, it is important to note that integration goes beyond the mere collection of data, instead it allows you to monitor the current status of your company when it comes to sales, it allows you to examine current trends in customer buying behavior and, as a result, this allows you to adjust your selling strategies based on the identified information. The closer your selling strategies are to the behavior of customers, the more likely you are to be able to sell your products to them.

All in all, integrating the necessary CRM practices into your website would be a great boon to your company that would definitely help to enhance sales.

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