Benefits Of Using Printed Wallpapers Instead Of Paint

Whether you’ve just moved in or have decided that you want a change, updating the walls can give you a new look for a fair price. Most people think of renovating and think removing all the furniture and getting all new stuff, but that can be expensive and time-consuming. Updating the walls may seem easy (though still time-consuming) when you think of paint, but you may want to consider printed wallpapers instead of paint, because it offers better benefits and can make your home look nicer.


Durability is a necessity, especially if you’re considering updating the kitchen, bathroom or children’s rooms. These areas get a lot of wear and tear, so it’s important that you have something that will last and be easy to clean. Durability shouldn’t just be hard-wearing though that is part of the concept. Being durable also means cleanable, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to remove.

Easy To Maintain

There are many varieties of wallpaper out there, including water-resistant, washable, scrubbable and super washable. Water-resistant types may not work in your home, especially if you need to clean it thoroughly because of allergies. However, washable and super washable will allow you to use a sponge and light detergent to clean. Scrubbable options will enable you to scrub excessive dirt away without worrying about removing the paper from the wall.

Hide Problem Walls

Walls can have slight or noticeable imperfections, such as bubbles, cracks, and other damage. In these cases, paint will draw attention to the wall instead of hiding it. Printed wallpapers can hide that damage, especially if you choose a busy pattern or multiple colors.

Install and Remove Easily

Previous wallpaper applications meant prepping the wall, adding a lot of paste and hoping it stuck correctly the first time. You can just put the glue on the wall and put on the wallpaper. The paper doesn’t get wet until it touches the wall and paste, making it much simpler of a process. Removal is also easy because they strip off quickly without causing too much hassle.

Add Character/Texture

Most people want a focal point or one area that they wish to highlight in the home. Choosing a funky or textured style will add wow and pop to the area, but that’s hard to achieve with paint because you’ll need stencils and the time to make those intricate details.

Printed wallpapers have a variety of benefits, such as hiding cracks in the walls and adding a pop of color or texture. Visit Honolulu Wallcovering Boutique today to learn more and choose your new wallpaper.

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