Water features can really add to the overall landscaping. Just the sound of water can be relaxing and having some type of water feature in the yard will make it more likely small animals and birds may visit. Taking a few factors into consideration will help you when planning aquascapes in Brookfield WI.


The type of land where you’re going to put a water feature will help determine which water features will work best. For example, a fountain is best when there are flat surfaces, while a stream may be a good choice for a hilly bit of land. Having to flatten land or build up land to get it suited for a particular water feature will add to the cost of the project. The amount of space available will affect the choice of Aquascapes in Brookfield WI as well. You also want the water feature to fit in with the surrounding landscaping and not look out of place.

Plants or Fish?

If you want to include plants in your water feature, it has to be located where the plants will get enough sun and the water feature may need to have still water instead of moving water so they can grow properly. However, standing water can make it more likely you’ll have to deal with a higher mosquito population. Fish are often better suited to water features with moving water and may be a way to help control the mosquito population.

Maintenance Considerations

Water features with still water tend to be easier to maintain, as can smaller water features. Make sure you’re prepared to deal with any necessary maintenance. The water feature may need to be emptied out and cleaned from time to time, debris can block the intake opening and need to be cleared, or algae can start to build up and need to be removed.

Seasonal Considerations

Think about how the feature will look during different times of the year and whether any extra maintenance will need to be done to keep it from becoming damaged during the winter.

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