Understand Backyard Pests: Opossum Removal in Columbus, Ohio

The opossum has a reputation as an aggressive nuisance animal, but they are usually less problematic than common pests like raccoons or skunks. Anyone with pets, children or a backyard chicken coop will still want to keep the animals away. The good news is that opossums are less likely than other wild animals to contract rabies. The bad news is that opossum mothers take their children everywhere and can have up to 10 young per litter. The strong maternal instinct can lead to a fast-growing population of the marsupials in the neighborhood.

Prevent a Visit

Keep garbage, chicken feed, and pet food in sealed containers or inside. Any wild animal will take advantage of an easy meal, and the opossum is no exception. Clean up around fruit trees and enclose vegetable gardens. Most opossums prefer meals of insects and rodents, so high numbers of these pests can encourage a visit from an opossum.

Opossums are known for their intelligence and can remember where they once found food. A return visit is almost guaranteed if they discover how to get into a chicken coop or find a dish of cat food on the porch. Be vigilant about not leaving a dirty grill overnight or using food to coax in a stray cat.

Appreciate Their Abilities

The rumor of the creature being sickly or carrying rabies arises from their “playing possum” tactics. The opossum has a natural defense mechanism that enables them to salivate excessively and to produce a strong, unpleasant odor when they feel threatened. Stay away from the creature out of caution and contact a professional for opossum removal in Columbus OH, but understand that there is no reason to panic.

Play it Safe

Opossums are typically non-aggressive and prefer to play dead. They will fight if they become cornered, so do not allow unleashed pets outside at night if opossums are in the neighborhood. Talk to an expert in Opossum Removal in Columbus OH about how to protect the home from den-building by the animal. Opossums will climb onto roofs to access attics or build shelters under sheds and decks.

Removal of any food source will usually prevent return visits after a wildlife control expert takes offending animals out of the yard. Opossums do not hibernate, so their visits can take place at any time during the year. Contact us to arrange an inspection or to learn more about opossum habits.


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