Exploring Bat Removal in Dublin, OH and How to Prevent Invasions

More than 1,300 bat species have been identified across the globe so far. Only around 50 of them can be found in the United States. Of course, those 50 species consist of hundreds of thousands of members. Though bats prefer to live a dark, quiet existence, they’re increasingly mingling with humans these days. This means the need for bat removal in Dublin OH is growing by the year.

Understanding How Bats Operate

It’s common knowledge bats conduct their work and social activities at night when it’s dark and cool. During the day, they like to find cool, dark spaces to bed down. They’re not actually blind as most people believe. Since they fly at night, they simply use their supersonic hearing for extra guidance. Bats prefer to find homes near food sources whether they be fruit trees and tasty plants or trash cans and standing water swarming with flies and mosquitoes.

Why Bat Invasions Take Place

Bats tend to gravitate toward places offering plenty of shelter. This could come from barns, open storage sheds, attics with entry points and any other types of space where light and heat are in relatively short supply and food is nearby. They often migrate when food begins to run low or their colonies are outgrowing their current homes. In many cases, suitable new settings happen to be people’s property.

How to Get Rid of Them

If you already have bats on your property, professional bat removal in Dublin OH would be the safest and most effective option. Otherwise, prevention is the best medicine. Look for any openings where they could enter your attic or other structures on the property, and seal them securely. Be sure to cover gaps in eaves, siding, vents, crawlspaces and any other openings that might allow them to gain entry.

Bats aren’t the terrifying, evil creatures many people think they are. That being said, they can make a mess and some carry diseases. Being swarmed by them when trying to enter your home at night isn’t exactly a pleasant experience, either. Visit Yourohiowildlifepro.com to learn more about preventative measures or to ask for help with a bat invasion.


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