Injection Molding – What is It?

You hear about injection molding a lot, but what is it? The first thing you need to know about the art of injection molding is that it is used for the production of parts in volume. The parts that you see in tools, electronics, and other products are always produced en masse, and the process is repeated thousands of times. The only way to do this effectively is through the use of injection molding and plastic assembly services.

Understanding Injection Molding

As mentioned before, the idea is to take production off of the manual stage and move it to more of an automatic one. While it can be expensive to start production initially, it is much cheaper afterward. The price drops dramatically, and the operation eventually pays for itself.

A More Efficient Solution

Any company offering plastic assembly services will be able to tell you that injection molding is far less wasteful than most other solutions on the market. Take CNC machining as an example and an alternative; it gets the job done, but it leaves a lot of waste as quite a bit of plastic or metal is cut away. With injection molding, the material used is reduced to what is needed, making it not only a preferred process for the environment but one that requires far less work.

A Repeatable Process

Injection molding is efficient and cost-effective because it is repeatable. You can create your mold, and from that you can create an infinite number of identical parts, making this an outstanding option for anyone who wants to standardize their products while saving huge amounts of money. From injection molding comes brand consistency, and that is perhaps the best thing of all.


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